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Build BEST: 5 Ways To Market Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

5 Ways to Market on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing your store is key to the growth of your boutique. While there are many marketing and advertising options on the market, not every way is cost effective or will fit in your budget.

Below are five ways to market you business on a shoestring budget.

Create An Email List
Yes, email is still king. Everyone has it and everyone reads it. You can create a list by starting with friends and family and then by asking customers if they would like to join as well. Sending out special coupons or birthday gifts is a great way to bring new email participants to the list. There are free as well as paid programs to collect, organize and send out emails. Find a system that works for you and be consistent with the look and feel of your email campaigns.

The term collaborate is used a lot in the social media space but collaboration can be done locally too. Is there a TV personality in your city you could outfit for free in exchange for a couple social media posts? Do you have a loyal customer that would wear your clothing and post on her personal page in exchange for a free outfit once a month? Is there a local non profit that shares the same passion you do that you could work with to create an in store clothing drive or VIP shopping event through which they could fund raise? Think outside the box and don’t forget your local customers would love to help you out in exchange for some freebies!

Tell A Story
Everyone loves to have their story told and writing short blog posts about the vendors you carry or sharing a photo of a customer along with their reason to shop in your store is a great way to market your brand while highlighting someone else. Telling someone else’s story is free ….. and its fun!

Create a Buzz
There is no better way to market on a shoestring budget than to create a buzz. Things like “first 40 people in the door get a free t shirt” or buy one gift card, get one free will get people talking and get bodies in the door! Make sure to always include the rules and restrictions in fine print but be generous and spread the word by posting photographs of participants on your social channels and writing a quick blog post about the event.

In Store Parties
In store parties can be put on with little to no expense and are are a great way to educate woman of your community about your brand, as well as to drive extra traffic and sales into your store. Choosing a theme, deciding on a schedule (Friday night denim parties, monthly sip and shops, or quarterly fashion fun nights, etc) and staying consistent are key. Often you can find other local small business owners who would like to collaborate by supplying treats at no charge if their brand is displayed or bringing in complementary products to sell while sharing customer lists to drive traffic.  Make an effort to make every party a special event.

Whatever type of advertising you decide to use, the key is to be consistent let your brand awareness grow over time.

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