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Karen Waldrop Talks About Being Passionate About Your Small Business

Be Passionate About Your Small Business

In Karen’s words:

I went full-time music in 2011 & have been playing music full time since!

The sound of my music is what makes it unique. Although I am an artist I am a small business owner as well! Building Waldrup Worldwide- my music family – is so rewarding for me.  I love my “customer base”. I know it’s weird for an artist to have a customer, but they are the people buying tickets to shows, sharing the music, buying VIP tickets & merchandise and so (in a sense) it is kind of a customer base. I’m thankful to have over 440,000 people across the globe that support me emotionally & financially.

The most rewarding part of small business ownership for me is paying my people. It feels good for them to be a part of what I’m doing and it makes me feel good to be able to pay the team and have fun with them building it alongside me. To rest in the hustle I love to relax with my friends, workouts/yoga, eat good food, and read and write!

I feel like the challenges of the music business in general right now are the biggest obstacles for us.

It’s an unpredictable time, so that affects everyone in the music business. However, there are lots of great opportunities right now too, because of the internet!

If you are a small business owner you have to make sure you are 100% passionate about whatever you’re doing. For me, that’s music, so I have never doubted it. Be sure you’re not thinking it’s a little side thing, because it’s really all your blood sweat & prayers. Then just dive in.

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