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Paige Yelle Talks About Getting Trapped in the Pit of Comparison in Business and Instead Choosing Gratitidue

Paige Yelle talks candidly about small business ownership and about “working to live, not living to work”.

In Paige’s words:

I worked in a cubicle for multiple years, then came home when our first daughter was born. Our daughters are now 9 and 7. Having a small business provides us  some extra income, while still having the flexibility to care for our family.

In 2013, I needed something that would help me take time away from handheld devices and social media. It’s so easy for me to  get trapped in a pit of comparison, always wanting to be as good as what I see other people sharing on the internet.  I felt relief from this when I focused on my blessings in a journal that was only for my eyes . I thought others might benefit from the same, thus the idea of My Little Gratitude Journal was born! Then, I sat on it and did nothing for two years…

In August of 2015, my husband challenged me (without mincing any words) to finally move forward with my big idea. I created a prototype by cutting sheets of printer paper down the middle, jotting my ideas and doodles, then arranging the pages (I’m not super tech-savvy). By November 1st , 2015 I held the published first edition of My Little Gratitude Journal.

Little Gratitude Journal fills a need to slow down and find gratitude in the small things. It’s able to be personalized, because consumers can choose a different cover based upon their interests and personalities. With 18 different cover choices, there’s something for everyone. Sometimes I sit down and think about people enjoying something I created. It makes me cry tears of joy.

Let’s keep it real,  sometimes my ‘want to’ is broken. A lot of my sales are generated through social media interaction. This is tough for a person who created a product purely for the purpose of stepping away from social media.  Right now, I am trying to find a way to reduce my time spent in this area.

One word of advice I would give other small business owners is to outsource. There are things I’m good at, things I’m bad at, work I enjoy, and work I hate. It’s best when I can find other people whose skills compliment my shortcomings.  For example: My super studly, extremely handsome  husband is typing this  this for me right now… ‘Hi Paige’   ;)-

We make sure to schedule in some adventure travel as often as possible. My husband also owns a small business. We know the peak times and the slower times throughout the year. It’s important to us to unplug and step away. We try to remember that, “we work to live, not live to work.”


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