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Build BEST: Small Business Owners Can Be Nimble and Creative

Owners Stephanie and Emily of Java Skin Care talk about being nimble and creative in small business ownership with their coffee skincare company.

In their words:

Everyone loves coffee! The word java is synonymous with coffee’s origins and history but for us JAVA pays homage to our hero ingredient- organic raw coffee that we source ourselves.

We’re a women owned/operated indie brand based out of Rhode Island. All of our products are organic/all natural and made in the USA. On top of that everything we sell is made with coffee which we think is pretty cool!

It is great to be small and nimble enough to respond to trends. We’ve got more creative bandwidth to develop and take chances on innovative products that are missing from the retail landscape.

One of the coolest things for us was getting our first multi-store partnership. We participated in the first ever Indie Beauty Expo in New York. It was here that we landed Ricky’s NYC. That was a huge step for us to understanding our business on a larger scale and seeing ourselves as a national brand.

If we had to offer one word of advice? Never be the smartest person in the room. That may sound crazy, but as a business owner you should be surrounding yourself with people that you think are intelligent and that may be better at certain aspects of the business then you are.

Find out more about Java Skin Care Here: and follow them on Instagram: @javaskincare

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