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Setting Boundaries as a Small Business Owner with Krysta Bye of SALT + LIGHT

Although Krysta Bye has been a small business owner for 10 years, she deiced to add one more business concept to her portfolio. As we life rolled into 2018, Krysta lunched Salt + Light. Here is what Krysta has to say about the ups and downs of business ownership and why it is so important to find someone to walk along side you in your small business journey . Join us as we talk to this wholsale clothing designer.

(In Krysta’s Words) 

I believe that we’ve been given this life to LIVE IT – and I hope that what you find here in the SALT + LIGHT shop inspires you to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE & LIVE YOUR TRUTH every single day that you’re given! Matthew 5:13-16 tells us that we are the SALT of the earth, & the LIGHT of the world. The name SALT + LIGHT came to be as I prayed about what could be “next” in my mission of reaching & pouring TRUTH + LIGHT into the lives of others – I took my LOVE for Jesus + the design gift that I’ve been given and built it into my brand.

When I started in small business, I didn’t know how to avoid falling into the trap of allowing my business to become my life. I wish that I would have given myself more time to just be mama and wife – to have learned how to choose my best yes. I’m so grateful to have been mentored in the process of creating boundaries in my business so that it allows us to LIVE WELL! The last nearly 10 years of my small business journey has taught me a lot in identifying my key priority in my life (my family) which allows me to get very clear with my business goals, reverse engineering them so that I can be clear on what to say YES and NO to – and WHAT needs to happen WHEN for my business so that I can create very clear boundaries protecting my family and life balance.

I am grateful to be in a place with my businesses now where I know what it looks like to run a successful business on MY terms – and not comparing myself to any other business owner out there! My husband and I have set clear priorities for our family – and we stick to those FIRST. What I can accomplish with my business outside of that is a WIN. Our business GOALS are FAMILY related, not FINANCIAL.

One bit of advice I would give to any small business owner: Don’t go it alone! If you don’t have a business partner, get a mentor – someone to walk alongside you; regardless of the niche of your business. Entrepreneurship is HARD – set boundaries and goals for your business from the beginning – with intention! AND – don’t be afraid to FAIL. As long as you’re failing FORWARD and learning through the process, you’re succeeding. Not all successes are monetary. GROWTH = SUCCESS.

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