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Build BEST: Time Management Tips For Your Small Business or Boutique

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Work + Travel

Time management. Why is it so difficult to manage our time as small business owners? To further complicate things, it is exceptionally difficult to manage our time when we travel for business.
What do you all do when you travel? Constantly check phones/email or is your Out Of Office on? Do you feel like you get home and you are either so far behind or you feel guilty for “wasting” your time away because you kept your phone glued to your hand and your FB notifications on?
I’ve learned that compartmentalizing my day into segments leaves me feeling like I’ve accomplished something while keeping me grounded and in tune with what’s going on in the life around me.
It’s no different when I travel. I travel ALOT and I’ll admit I’ve wasted so many vacations, so many precious times with family and friends and have let so many moments sneak by because I “had to quickly take that call” or “just quick answer that email”.
So I took the same discipline I use in my work day and applied it to my Travel + Work routine. Certain days for writing, particular hours for pushing through emails, and just refusing to schedule calls when I’m gone. It takes discipline but the outcome is FANTABULOUS ….. if that’s a word!! I get more done and I cherish the moments away! [Try it].
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